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October 2, 2012


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A long time ago in a state far far away, I had to miss the midnight showing of Star Wars Episode 1 because I had 2 AP tests that day.  Lols I just told you all about how old I am. Anyways, the movie was not what we expected, and had an annoying character named Jar Jar binks in it.  Other than that, there were some exciting scenes and really great costumes.  After careful consideration my best friend and I choose one of Queen Amidala's dresses to re-produce, the first seen in the movie, the red throne room dress.  What a task it would be.  We carefully dissected every part, selected fabrics that matched the best we could, hand embroidered, painted, and molded every single last part of the costume.  After 13 years of struggling, moving apart, long drives, we have finally finished that outfit and will be showing it at NYCC/animefest.   It's sorta like finishing my first cosplay.

Accompaning our queen, will be a sexy version of the original princess Leia.  I made the original dress, but it's sooo... not attractive.  Lols.  We saw this great fan art work and decided to go for it, black corset, thigh high boots, yeah... had to do that!  

So for all 10 of you going to NYCC please stop by and say "Hi" if you spot us!

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Doh, I didn't know you were at NYCC this year, I would have dropped by to check out your costume.
np, np. I was expecting it to be a much smaller event. that was soo crazy! Even at otakon you can run into jsut about every person once. But that was just crazy. My friend and I never made it very far in our cosplay(Queen Amidala) either so it was hard to just be passing people.

I'm not really a vendor person, so this wasn't a good fitting con for me. But I'm glad its up your alley since it's in your back yard.
Haha, yeah I bet you guys were swamped with photo shots all day. Looking forward to seeing some ;)
Well more just passer bys getting photos. We did go Friday morning to Central Park and got some senic shots with obscuravista. I'm hoping they look as good large as they did on the "small" screen on his camera.
Oh cool, glad you got a chance to explore some of the city too
Hey Becky! It's Captain America: The First Avenger. Thanks for well wishes, and very nice meeting you! Have a great week.

Michael Mulligan
It was nice meeting you. Do you do a lot of cosplays?
congratulations on its completion, I look forward to seeing posts of the Amidala dress. I did see it opening night, and didn't do so hot on my AP test the next day.

awe thats sad
You know I was debating on if I am even wearing a costume. I may not. Things are not going well for me right now. BLEGH.
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